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About Us

The Church Mall.com is the Internet extension of The Church Mall, LLC which is a Christian Family, owned and operated company located in Philadelphia, PA. This Website was developed to give Christian Churches, Christian Businesses, Consumers and Entrepreneurs a safe place on the Internet to locate/advertise churches and businesses, shop for products and services, and have fun.

The Church Mall, LLC (The Church Mall) is committed to: Continually edify and Glorify our Lord and Savoir Jesus Christ. Endeavor to treat those with whom we do business in the manner we would have them to treat us. Deal honestly with Customers, Members, Creditors, Debtors, Suppliers, Employees, Partners, Volunteers, Contractors and others with whom we conduct business.

In Addition, we are committed to assisting Churches and Communities learn about the Internet and computer technology, as well as helping entrepreneurs get started with opening their own business. Although The Church Mall, LLC is a “for profit” company it is also a Ministry to us. As such we will tithe 10% of all proceeds from each customers purchase of: Advertising sales, Web Hosting accounts, Web Design services, Training fees and Consultation fees; to the Church of each customers/supporters choice.

Thank You, for visiting our website. We pray that you find something that will be a blessing to you or a loved one. Yours in Christ, The Church Mall, LLC 

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